Parent Coaching - Children with Disabilities, Neurodiversity, or Unique Needs
  • Does your child have school-based services or attend occupational therapy or related services, but you don't feel equipped to carryover strategies and techniques at home or in other environments?

  • Is your child overworked, tired, or overstimulated from their current daily routine and you’re ready to take a step back and focus on addressing specific needs and concerns that most affect your child’s well-being?

  • Are you interested in learning strategies and tools to help your child improve their overall functioning?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above question, please read below to see what I can to offer.

One-on-One Parent Coaching with Dr. Larsen

Parent coaching relies on the caregivers' observations and interactions with their child. Coaching can provide an understanding of behaviors, tools, techniques, and supports to address and improve challenges within the child's environments.

Topics discussed vary and are guided by caregivers, but may include:

  • Learning to assess your child's needs
  • Writing and implementing meaningful or functional goals for your child
  • Understanding behaviors and their meaning
  • Mindfulness, regulation, and co-regulation techniques
  • Incorporating a sensory diet into daily life
  • Creating strength-based goals for your child
  • Homeschooling or completing educational goals

How Coaching Sessions Work

  • 30 Minute or One Hour sessions via Zoom
  • Sessions are booked individually (as few or as many as you need)

Start with a Free 20 Minute Consultation

If you're interested in Parent-Coaching services, please schedule a 20 minute free online consultation, right here on my website.

Each Additional Coaching Session

$45 per 30 minute session (includes 1 follow-up email).
Fee is required before the beginning of each session after the initial consultation. You may pay via my website through PayPal. I also accept Venmo.

Parent Guidebook

I am currently Beta Testing a Parent Guidebook to assist caregivers in successfully writing and implementing meaningful goals with or for their child, to help improve overall functioning. The Guidebook is designed to take approximately one to two hours each week, for 4-6 weeks, and is designed to be completed independently.  

If you are interested in being a Beta Tester for this program, please send me a message through the website contact form!

Important Note: While Dr. Larsen is a registered and licensed Occupational Therapist and a Certified Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinical Specialist, her role is strictly caregiver coaching services. This does not replace the child's occupational therapy or other healthcare or education-based services, or any of the recommendations made by these providers.