What Do you Do?: When the Life of a Loved One Has Come to an End

How do you explain the loss of a loved one to a child? When his little brother passes away, young Crane goes on a journey in search of ways to cope with his loss. The answers he finds are sure to comfort anyone who believes that our loved ones live on. We know that we are never truly alone, memories of loved ones are treasures we own.

“Such an important book to help kids through the grieving process. I loved that it approached such a hard topic in a very gentle and loving way. There are many things we can do to remember and celebrate our loved ones-“planting flowers and trees” and “trinkets carried and hid.” 

About the author – Everly Cade

Author Everly Cade looks at the world through the eyes of a child and finds magic and beauty in everything around her. She is an author, teacher, wife and proud Mother of four children. Visit Everly’s website.