Dogfish Stands Up to Bullying

It’s the first day of school at Rainforest Elementary, but Pink Dolphin is sad! Join Dogfish and friends as they help, in this story of kindness, friendship and acceptance.

"A great, rhyming story with lovable characters that helps children understand what a bully is, and what to do when they encounter a bully!"

Lindsey M. Larsen, OTD, OTR/L, ASDCS

About the Author

Rita Reed is the Amazon Bestseller and award-winning author of DOGFISH Saves the Ocean, DOGFISH Stands Up to Bullying, and DOGFISH, Just be YOU!. Through her colorful and engaging children’s picture book series, Dogfish Tales, she spreads positivity, inclusiveness, love, and acceptance of all. 

Rita is passionate about children’s picture books. As a parent she cherished time spent reading to her own children, connecting with them through the magic of books. She discovered that reading together could start conversations about important issues. Years later, she dreamt of her character Dogfish, and was inspired to write meaningful and empowering stories for children. 

With a strong heart for philanthropy, Rita believes in access to books for everyone. She partners with the non-profit organization, Imagination Storybooks, where Dogfish Tales will be available in video and audiobooks for blind, deaf and neurodiverse children. Learn more about Rita and her books on her website, DogfishTales.com