Meeting Exceptional Friends

Winner of the 2023 Nautilus Book Awards

Winner of the 2023 Readers' Favorite Bronze Award

Meeting Exceptional Friends is an Amazon best-selling picture book to educate all children and caregivers about children who live with disabilities. The book illuminates children's inquisitive nature about disabilities, and how taking moments to educate ourselves, we may improve interactions and grow as individuals.

Educator Reviews

"An engaging story about making new friendships that is sure to educate children and adults alike."

Jessica Moose, M.Ed., School Counselor

"Meeting Exceptional Friends is a much-needed story that sheds light on the importance of supporting children's inquisitive nature about human differences in order to learn and grow. A welcome addition to any home, school, or library.

Lori A. Mitchell, MST, K-12 Educator

Editorial Review

Reader's Favorite 5 Star Review

"When children's books address topics that are usually difficult to explain to little ones, they offer tremendous value to all of us.  This is why I suggest you read Meeting Exceptional Friends by Lindsey Larsen."

"Meeting Exception Friends encourages children to be sensitive when asking questions about conditions of people they meet so that they can lean to relate to them."

" I highly recommend this wonderful book to parents and educators who want to address this issue and have no idea how to do it."

Readers' Favorite Book Reviewer